Bicycle touring guides?

12 Dec

I’ve browsed through several and bought one bike touring book. I have never gotten any worthwhile information from any of them.

I think the main problem is that there’s so much difference between all the different types of bike touring you can do. You can tour with a $50 heap of crap or $5000 custom handmade bike. You can tour for 2 nights or 2 years. You can tour while stealth-camping and cooking with a camping stove every night, or staying in hotels and eating at restaurants every night. You can tour fully loaded or with a sag wagon following you. You can tour alone or in a tour group. You can ride 30km a day or 300km a day.

I think the best way to teach yourself about bike touring is to 1) go to a local bike shop to figure out what kind of rudimentary gear you need – a cheap mountain bike with a rear rack and a pair of panniers are more than enough to get you started, and 2) go bike touring a few times, starting off with overnight tours.

Keep the rubber side down.

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One response to “Bicycle touring guides?

  1. chris budel

    December 27, 2011 at 2:02 am

    I love to peruse Bicycle Touring Books, and I buy one every once in awhile– I can (almost) always glean some useful information from the experiences of others, various Authors included. But the important thing I get from Bicycle Touring Books is the Dream, the Taunt or the Dare to replicate the steps that practically leap from the pager into my imagination. I’ve proven my legs and body are up to the task, now my mind has to follow, has to get on board with the scenario of whatever Country/Cuisine/Custom that will get thrown at me. I Love the Dream, it’s what makes me do the Tour…


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